5 Questions with Alexandra Heinrichs

Speaking at Perkspotting's '5 Questions with' series, a woman behind Unilever’s organisational development, digital transformation, engagement and talent acquisition, Alexandra Heinrichs talks future-proof skills, employee engagement, Ben & Jerrys and how to get your foot in the door at Unilever

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Don’t Just Get Personal, Get Hyper-Personal With Your Employees

With the world’s current workforce being made up of several distinct generations, each one expecting something a little different when it comes to business-to-employee engagement, brands can no longer afford to adopt a one-size-fits-all solution to employee experience. Instead, it’s time to get hyper-personal. The dynamics of the global workforce are changing.

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Updating your employee benefits for modern workplace

Employee benefit packages are drastically changing as the workplace continues to evolve continually. Employers are now increasingly concerned about the demands of their employees and are trying to ensure that benefit strategies meet them.

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Earn employee loyalty through benefits program

Today, the environment is highly competitive and employers need new and innovative ideas to be in the front line. They recognise the shortage of talent and that their prominent resource is captivated employees. The best way to retain employees is to offer modern benefits to them while minimising costs.

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