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Trust & Safety

Making safe transaction

Perkspotting makes it easier than ever to find great discounts near you. Remember that every great occasion requires trust; therefore we recommend a personal collection of the item. Connect with others, discuss what you want to buy and then arrange a meeting.

We do not recommend sending items via post unless the person you are in contact with is your friend or comes from your direct network of trust. Remember, you do so at your own risk - Perkspotting does not offer you any offer of security. It’s your responsibility to understand and follow all local laws in your area.

While trading locally use your common sense and have a limited trust of people you don't know. Any attempts to deceive or defraud users are strictly not tolerated.

Here are some tips



Always meet the seller in person and pay only when you are sure that the product is what you agreed on. Never transfer money in advance.


Meeting place

Always meet in busy public places such as coffee shops and shopping malls. We do not know the person you are meeting, so be careful.



A meeting allows accurate verification of the item being purchased - so use this opportunity. Make sure the item is consistent with what you have mutually agreed on.


Personal information

Share only necessary information. Make an outside appointment and do not give anyone you don't know your name, address or other information that is not necessary to arrange a meeting. Never give out any personal financial information.



We recommend contacting other users directly through the in-app Perkspotting chat. For your safety, do not write other users using private e-mail accounts.


Abuse & Harassment

In addition to blocking, you may also flag users. Any flagged users will be reviewed, and we will take appropriate action. Should you have a conflict with another user which cannot be resolved merely by blocking their account or flagging their post, please contact us.

Please read and respect our community guidelines and, most importantly, use common sense.

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